You’re not talented?

You may have said this to yourself. “I don’t have a talent in that area”. And then you used it as a reason to not work at it, not get better, or maybe even not to do it anymore.

I know I did.

When I first came into Safety, the first class I taught was Supervisor Safety Training. It was horrible. My face was bright red. I stumbled over my words. Half of the students were senior managers and the other half had worked the previous night shift. It couldn’t have ended quickly enough.

And the next 20 classes? Just as bad.

“I have no talent”. I replayed the line in my head…on a loop.

Then a mentor stepped in.

He told me to be gentle with myself. That I was still growing, maturing, gaining skills and knowledge. That talent doesn’t matter as much as a dogged persistence to just get better. That effort, being on time, a positive attitude, passion, preparation and being ready to learn matter more than talent.

Not talented? Good. Now it’s time to get to work.

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