YouTube for the Safety Professional

Last weekend I changed the drain pump in our washing machine. YouTube showed me how to troubleshoot, which part to order, and how to complete the installation.

What five years ago would have cost me $200 and a missed afternoon at work while I watched someone else unscrew three bolts ended up costing me 10 minutes on YouTube and $26.54 in parts.

How about safety?

I speak with a lot of safety professionals about certifications and ask them how they prepare. More and more, they tell me they are learning many of the subjects from YouTube. From chemical equation balancing, to statistics, to probability, and even trigonometry, some of the best explanations and teachers are now available to you 24 hours a day, on your phone or at your desk.

Here are a few channels and videos that keep coming up in conversations about safety.

ASP/CSP Channel (1)

ASP/CSP Channel (2)

How to study more effectively (1.9 million views!)

Why choose safety as a career?

Why I chose safety as a career path (2017 BCSP video winner)

Risk Management in 45 Seconds or Less Channel

How do you learn more about the profession? What’s your favorite YouTube safety video?

NOTE: Not everything on YouTube is correct, safe, or worth your time. Caveat emptor.

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